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Vanhoover PE and Howloween
North Vancouver, BC Canada
Hi! I am a Pacific White Sided Dolphin named Aphinity, or Phin for short. Some of you also know me as ioco, the Siberian Husky (my fursuit). I am a born and raised Canadian from Vancouver, BC Canada and I love to meet people! My interests are very diverse. I am an avid fursuiter and costumer, and I am quite active in the Brony community. I have many costumes and outfits I like to wear, the most visible of which are my fursuits, ioco and Rainbow Dash, and my Stormtrooper. I often dress steam punk, victorian/pirate, or any other topic should I find an excuse to. I enjoy FPV racing & freestyle drones, photography, cars, RC cars, electronics and computers, and movies! I help run a lot of events around the Pacific Northwest including VancouFur, Howloween (Chairphin since 2008), and Vanhoover Pony Expo (chair and founder). I am an active member of a public character performance group, I am an active Star Wars 501st legion member (TK-10017), and I am employed part time as a professional mascot for a local aquarium. You may have seen me run events and panels revolving around character performance or Fursuit parades and games in the past. Drop me a line and do not be afraid to come say hi!

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, March 10

11:00am PST

1:00pm PST

6:00pm PST

Sunday, March 12

11:00am PDT


My Moderators Sessions

Sunday, March 12

1:30pm PDT