Vancoufur 2017 has ended
Welcome to the VancouFur: Space Station Zebra online schedule! If you are looking for our main site ir need to register for the event, please go to VancouFur.Org
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Regina, Saskatchewan
Been active in Fur community for a very long time, started this crazy lifestyle mascotting almost twenty years ago now and expanded into fandom. Been active volunteer with several charities groups here and museums, still mascot for several organizations locally, Love helping out  allot cosplay groups with project builds and running events. Been building our local fur community with events, local media interactions. parades, local meets, lots of training like helping build fursuits for community etc.  Started (W.A.M.) a local Fur camp here in Saskatchewan, and helped start and on the board with WPFC in Winnipeg. Being volunteer staff with several other furcons including Anthro Northwest  helps others and makes events more fun and gets you to meet all sorts new furs. Win win. Munchkin loves to be active and make a difference in community. World is an amazing place and were lucky to do our small part.. Hugs..  Arf arf.. Munchkin.